Italian Food Today

italian food today shares modern concepts of eating Italian

Italian Food Today shares modern concepts of eating Italian.

Light and healthy recipes and information about how Italians eat nowadays. Are you fond of Italian food? Would you like to know more about it? Would you like to be able to prepare healthy and tasty recipes in little time?

What about preparing healthy meals with controlled calories? Italian cooking doesn’t mean over-eating anymore!

Or are you planning to visit Italy and would like to know what to order at the restaurant and buy regarding food? You’re on the right place.

I’ve been living in Italy for a long time now and I am sharing all I learned (and keep discovering) about this culture here.


I’m not a typical mamma 🙂 , but I do love food and my pleasure is to find good recipes that need no experience nor much time to be prepared.

I do also keep an eye on my weight and health, so even if I often delight my taste with complete meals (in Italy it means 3 dishes plus dessert), I look for the healthier recipes, especially those low cholesterol foods.


Here you find the basic recipes that serve as ingredients in many traditional Italian recipes such as bechamel sauce, beef broth, beer batter amongst others.


There are some recipes that any Italian food lover wants to learn to prepare. Lasagna and Eggplant Parmesan are just a couple of examples. They are all doable by no-experts, I assure you. You just have to have a little more time to stay into the kitchen…and it sometimes can be a good thing, as many people use to dedicate themselves to cooking to relax.


Even if not so many Italians are vegetarian, there are many Italian traditional recipes that do not include any kind of meat. Some are even vegan. Italian cooking includes a lot of vegetable dishes that often, when the recipe contains eggs or cheese, can be a complete meal.


Italians do diet! It’s possible to eat well with less calories or less cholesterol. I do care for myself because I like to stay in shape. My husband had a (light, fortunately) stroke, so he has to keep his cholesterol low; and so our daily meals are based on these two needs and our (grown) children follow a healthy food diet naturally.


Italian food culture is probably one of the most popular around the world. This fact leads it to be also confused with local cultures, losing part of its originality. Here you will find simple questions being answered, just like what is the difference between Parmigiano and Grana, prosciutto and speck… and so on. Feel free to contact me if you have any doubt or need a clarification. Stay tuned we are making you discover Sicily!

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